dazed n confused
dazed n confused

a cool loser.

southern california.

Worker bees can leave. Even drones can fly away. The queen is their slave.



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Mark Abrahams - Joaquin Pheonix

Casablanca  (Michael Curtiz, 1942)

The letter is crying. It’s as if her tears are being expressed visibly on the page. - Roger Ebert 

David Bowie photographed by Andrew Kent, 1975
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irrxplaceable DUDE WE NEED TO GO! Tickets are only $45 a day. Plus we can stay in San Diego that weekend or something. This has to happen dude
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comic con 2015 tho

It never got weird enough for me. Hunter S. Thompson (via lawngirl)

David Bowie.
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It’s official!
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