♫† Evil is a Point of View ♫†
♫† Evil is a Point of View ♫†

a cool loser.

Worker bees can leave. Even drones can fly away. The queen is their slave.



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“It’s a strange world”
Blue Velvet (1986)David Lynch
I like missing you so hard because it makes me feel strongly that you are not a dream, you are real, you are living, and I’ll meet you again. Simone de Beauvoir, from a letter to Nelson Algren. (via thefagartist)

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Never realized how boring my life was til I went to This rager and danced with the sexiest guys ever omg take me back

voltage running through her skin
standing there with nothing on

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You make it seem like all your issues are more important than mine. My opinions are nothing anymore either. Yet I still keep my mouth closed…

you okaayyy?

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They look like siblings tbh